Escalation by protestors can also backfire

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I have been talking about government action, police violence, and thug violence backfiring on HK people. Protestors who advocate escalation should know that their action can equally backfire on HK people, alienating supporters of the Umbrella Movement and solidifying support for the blue ribbons.

Frustrated with the lack of progress? See “targeted boycott.”

Throughout the world, unity is key to ultimate success. Fighting fellow protestors is self-defeating. Long Hair’s advice: maintain unity.

People who struggle for democracy have to practice democratic principles within the movement. If you can’t convince other protestors of the merit of your escalated action, then try harder.

Successful nonviolent protests often have marshals to maintain nonviolent discipline. They serve an important function.

See what Patten said about the storming of the Legislative Council building:

The future of Democracy in Hong Kong

Student leaders are correct:

Federation of Students secretary-general Alex Chow Yong-kang said on Wednesday morning that storming Legco was pointless. He denied that the Occupy protests had gone out of control but admitted that there was “room for improvement” in coordinating among protesters.

Scholarism convener Joshua Wong Chi-fung said the protesters’ action would endanger other demonstrators. “In a civil disobedience campaign participants have to shoulder their legal responsibilities and ensure the safety of all other participants,” he said. “Those storming the Legco and then leaving the scene immediately afterwards would pose danger to other protesters behind them.”

(Six arrested after masked crowds smash Legco glass doors, clash with police)

OC’s statement:

讓愛與和平佔領中環 Occupy Central with Love and Peace

A long list of stories on the storming of the Legislative Council building on Nov. 18:

After 50 days, rifts emerge among Hong Kong’s protesters


Six arrested after masked crowds smash Legco glass doors, clash with police

Masked men launch surprise attack on legislature

Small group storms legislature 

【佔領】盲衝亂撞的,係人係鬼?/ 區家麟

【短片】砸毀立法會玻璃者 早前叫囂拆掉金鐘主台並解散糾察 自稱高登仔 



Those who think the storming action is right could learn more about nonviolent action around the world.

張超雄,年青人不需你指手劃腳  — But plenty of young people didn’t agree with the action!



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