Has the Government abandoned the pretense of universal suffrage? (Michael Davis)

In recent days the fig leaf has largely come off. Originally the Government argued that the NPC SC decision opened the door to universal suffrage and the democrats will suffer the harsh judgment of history for not seizing that opportunity. Now, after the protesters courageously exposed their ruse to the global audience, they have stopped pretending they are fulfilling the commitment to universal suffrage. Now the story is, as the CY Leung as stated, that Hong Kong cannot allow genuine democracy or we will be subject to the whim of the people who will demand a welfare state. Even Carrie Lam in her response to the students effectively acknowledged that the model now on the table is not universal suffrage, arguing this may be achieved in a subsequent election. After all this misrepresentation and bullying how can anyone trust the commitment to universal suffrage in the Basic Law.

See what CY Leung says about democracy: https://victoriatbhui.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/hk-chief-executive-says-democracy-would-favor-the-poor-and-disadvantage-the-rich/

Albert Chen on the real problem: that China has not become more democratic over time as originally envisioned while HK wants to become democratic.

在上世紀八十年代,一國兩制的構想剛形成的時候,當時香港還是一個殖民地,沒有民主,但有法治和相當程度的自由。所以當時一國兩制的構想主要是要在香港回歸後保留原有的資本主義經濟制度、法治和自由。至於一國兩制下香港實行怎樣的政治制度,最後由全國人大在1990年通過的香港特別行政區基本法確定下來。例如基本法規定行政長官由選舉委員會推選,然後由中央任命。同時,基本法規定了特區政制可根據香港的實際情況和循序漸進的原則進行改革,最終達致普選。 因此,根據基本法的政制設計,隨著時間的流逝,香港的政制將會變得越來越民主,但如果中國內地的社會主義政制維持不變的話,香港和內地的政制的差距將會變得越來越大,我認為這便是一國兩制的最深層次的矛盾。http://app3.rthk.hk/special/pau/article.php?mid=88

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