Increased popular support for the Umbrella Movement–and beware of more backfire

This latest poll confirms what everyone has been saying, that the use of police violence has backfired, driving up support for the Occupy and Umbrella Movement when many people originally had misgivings about disruptive action. Meanwhile, the SCMP reports that the government may use harsher measures to put a stop to the occupy movement. Let’s hope that the government finally learns the lesson that police and thug violence is more likely to strengthen protestors than to shut them up. The CY government has no alternative to talking to student representatives.

Governments confronting popular challenges have the options of making concessions or heightening repression. As authoritarian rulers do not want to make concessions, they often resort to more repression. Unfortunately, in case after case, repression only drives moderates and bystanders into the arms of the opposition. In Hong Kong where the people fiercely defend their long-cherished freedom and where the movement is live streamed for the world to see, repression has only backfired and will continue to backfire.

SCMP Public support for Occupy movement growing, survey shows : Public support for the Occupy movement has grown since the campaign began, and it continues to divide residents, a Chinese University survey has found….Pollsters said they believed that the police force’s controversial handling of protesters – including using tear gas and batons – was a catalyst.

SCMP Government source hints at tougher line on Occupy protests if deadlock persists 

support-or-not_2310Oct. 28

Leung’s popularity hits record low in latest Chinese University poll:

In the latest Chinese University poll, 43.3 per cent of respondents said they did not trust the government – the most since November last year when 43.8 per cent said they had no trust in the government. A September poll put that figure at 39.6 per cent.



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