More police and thug abuses — have they learned the lesson of backfire?

The shocking video of the police beating and kicking a protestor is surely to backfire yet again.

It is surprising that the police still have not learned the lesson that violent repression would only backfire on Hong Kong people. It was police violence that created the Umbrella Movement in the first place. And it was thug violence that sustained the movement just when it was fizzling out.

Many protestors are on the street now only AFTER the riot police used tear gas and pepper spray. If CY had allowed the student boycotts and Occupy Central to go on without incident, the protests would have died out on its own after a few days. Instead, the use of tear gas on Sep. 28 caused an outrage and mobilized people to pour into the streets, thus giving birth to the Umbrella Movement.

And just when the protests in Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mongkok were fading away by Oct. 2 or so, thugs (who were suspected to have the blessings of the police) beat up and sexually harassed protestors in Mongkok. Soon after, more people poured into the street to condemn thug violence.

Just yesterday, it was looking like the police would be able to remove road blocks piecemeal and thus end the occupy movement any time soon. And then the police beat up protestors, reporters and monitors in the middle of the night.

HK protestors who are baptized by criminal arrests, pepper spray and tear gas would only increase their determination.

HK testifies to the well-known theory that it is state violence that drives support for the opposition.


From SCMP live:

TVB aired footage of what they say is a group of police officers beating a handcuffed protester, later idenitified as Civic Party member Ken Tsang Kin-chiu, after the operation.

Human Rights Monitor observers, apparently wearing identification vests and helmets, were also attacked by the police in the early hours of this morning.

A policeman sprayed pepper spray in the face of a protestor with his hands up (to show that he had no weapons).


Human Rights Watch condemns police violence:

How this could have been avoided:

Some signs of defection, among civil servants in general, but not widespread:

From a group of auxiliary police:

Civil servants supporting the Umbrella Movement:

A group of medical professionals:醫生聯署籲杯葛功能組別/web_tc/article/20141022/s00001/1413914487446


Oct. 26:

A remix of the police recruitment video:

Why the anti-Occupy group tactics will backfire: “The pro-Beijing camp’s latest signature campaign to call for the clearance of the three Occupy protest sites in Hong Kong will do nothing but worsen the current tensions between democracy activists and their opponents.”

It doesn’t help that anti-occupy counter-protestors have repeatedly beaten up reporters:

RTHK reporter:

TVB reporters:

Group recalls ‘police brutality’ on horrendous night


See also Backfire:


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