Backfire — Baptism of Fire

ByoRL1rCIAAg7q2 Hong Kong police fires tear gas at pro-democracy protesters

Scholars have long argued that repression could backfire rather than silence dissent. That is exactly what happened when the govt sent out the riot police and used pepper spray and tear gas on Sep. 28. In HK, people use the concept “baptism of fire.”

Baptism Of Fire 00:21:56 2014-10-09: The students of Hong Kong have hit the headlines all over the world. Many of them have become new soldiers of democracy, with boycotting classes and staging protests as their first experience of action politics.

Another commentary using the same analogy 小思:浴火鳳凰

The police did not use this many (87) rounds of tear gas even when leftists staged riots in conjunction with the Cultural Revolution across the border in 1967:

鄧鍵一:誰動員群眾? ——電視畫面在雨傘運動的動員作用社會/t444/2014/11/28/鄧鍵一:誰動員群眾?-電視畫面在雨傘運動的/


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