Umbrella Movement in songs–and artists in politics

[updated on July 1, 2017]

TV Most put on a widely acclaimed and sold-out performance of parody songs on Jan. 11, 2016: “TVMost 1st Guy Ten Big Ging Cook Gum Cook Awards Distribution (第一屆十大勁曲金曲分獎典禮)” — official videos;  How TVMost show made its audience feel like Hongkongers ; Hongkongers need more of sense of humour, especially in politicsHumour out of chaos: How satire helps channel Hong Kong people’s frustrations ; 笑聲滿載對抗的溫馨

撐起雨傘 Raise the Umbrellas

[Jan. 1, 2015] The Umbrella theme song “Raise the umbrella” named song of 2014 with a symbolic no. of votes (2887 — 87 rounds of tear gas on 9/28) and huge margins over competing songs:;撐起雨傘-奪-叱咤樂壇我最喜愛的歌曲-獎/

Umbrella theme song “Raise your umbrella” released on Oct. 3 ; with translationEnglish version released on Oct. 26. A Cappella version. Taiwanese version in Minnan.

Occupy Central’s theme song

問誰未發聲/who hasn’t spoken up

The longest-standing protest song: Beyond’s 海闊天空 Boundless Oceans and Vast Skies:

English version

The original Beyond song with transliteration and translation

Metro Vocal Group sings 『海闊天空」, much appreciated by HK Cantonese

Linguist Victor Mair on this song which he translates as “Boundless Oceans Vast Skies

More umbrella songs and playlists

A different umbrella song released on Nov. 14, 2014: 運動歌曲《雨遮》:從學生創作到現場動員

The umbrella playlist: 傘聚 United Umbrella  [Music video]– a fusion of Lennon’s Imagine and local songs — fit for the Lennon Wall in Admiralty


The shopping revolution song: 日日去鳩嗚 (voice only)

Under the lion rock 獅子山下 MV 葉德嫻、何韻詩、黃耀明 20141028 Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution

Umbrella dance by college students: 大專Mass Dance學生撐黃傘跳舞 全場大合唱

An MTV made before the final clearing <金鐘應該很高興> -The wall against autocracy! 

No Turning Back

Camping at Occupy sites

The Umbrella Movement Playlist

Hong Kong’s Pop Culture of Protest

Artists in and out of the movement and the China market

How Hong Kong’s Cantopop scene went from heartbreak to protest

Pop stars join the Umbrella movement: Pop stars join the fray 

Dennis Ho: How Denise Ho went from Cantopop queen to democracy fighterLancome cancels Denis Ho’s concert after boycott threats ; Lancôme is self-censoring outside mainland China to keep Beijing happy ; what a mainland expert on China-HK relations says about the incidence; 何韻詩《是有種人》Official MV ; 生於亂世 她的責任 — 專訪何韻詩 ; 何韻詩與18種香港:相信「人」;  香港有你: 何韻詩. Denise Ho was arrested during the clearing of Admiralty and was one of the last to be released 何韻詩爭取踢保拒服從 遭警留難 最後一個獲釋

Anthony Wong: Removal of concert poster is censorship, outspoken Hong Kong singer claims


Picture: Denise Ho and Anthony Wong with an elderly holding a sign “I want genuine universal suffrage” [Source: Anthony Wong FB]

Actor Anthony Wong laments everything changed in Hong Kong after 1997Actor Anthony Wong swaps outrageous roles for social justice

The Chung Brothers ; profile on 時代的鐘聲《時代的顛覆者》; 重新想像 Re-Imagine MV【雨傘運動版】

Rubberband. Rubberband wore black t-shirts with “no” on the front when performing at the pro-regime concert on July 1, 2013: Rubber Band 成員身穿印有「NO!」字樣的黑衣,在台上唱出《一無所有》、《天問》、《你可聽到人民在歌唱》及反國教歌曲《睜開眼》

My Little Airport

學舌鳥 Mocking Jer ;《激戰獅子山》; 學舌鳥作品《激戰獅子山》團隊背後的故事(RTHK31:19/5/2015)

China influence on HK cinema bittersweet for top filmmaker

Why is China targeting entertainment celebrities in HK battle? 

政治與演藝之間 藝人的風骨 

Chow Yun-Fat Beats Jackie Chan

Why some Hong Kongers think hometown action hero Jackie Chan is a coward

Hong Kong celebrities defend China’s claims in South China Sea after int’l court ruling

Singer/NPC delegate supports the government proposal during her performance 汪明荃紅館大叫「2017一定要得」 台下大叫「我要真普選」

Pro-occupy pop stars are blacklisted/censored/banned in China

China is scrubbing outspoken Taiwan and Hong Kong celebrities from its streaming services

Stars Backing Hong Kong Protests Pay Price on Mainland 

Beijing mouthpiece calls for pro-Occupy celebrities to be banned from mainland 

Has Kay Tse been blacklisted by China?


Ten Years: What happened to the filmmakers behind the dystopian Hong Kong indy film?

Pro-umbrella artists have been deprived of work:

Singer says job drought after supporting Occupy worth the sacrifice;  黃耀明談被封殺 「建制機器懲罰講真話的人」黃耀明的 2015(上) — 封殺 重整 再出發

王宗堯撐佔領變罪名 遭環球飛起沒有鎂光燈 仍陪你走下去 — 專訪王宗堯

表態撐佔領 黃秋生:過去一年無戲拍

Artists turn to independent work or go out of HK

Denise Ho’s independent concert and merchandise site Hall1C

Anthony Wong’s independent concert


杜汶澤赴大馬發展 今年賀歲檔首執導筒 「對得住自己最重要」

Artists became politicized esp. when HKTV was denied a free-to-air license in 2013: Hear the Citizens’ Voices at the Hong Kong TV Protest

Art has been subject to censorship. See Censorship and the Politics of Art in Hong KongBallett Dortmund’s Red Dream Ballet Censored in Hong Kong

Kenny G?

Don’t count on Kenny G, whose action only demonstrates how brave it is for some artists to openly support the movement: Kenny G’s visit to Occupy Admiralty on Oct. 21 made a splash in HK. Protestors joked that there was finally evidence for foreign interference. Beijing spokeswoman warned foreigners against interference. Kenny G quickly disavowed any support of the Umbrella Movement, pledging that he really loved China. “In a statement emailed to reporters and posted on Twitter and Facebook FB -0.41%, Mr. G assured audiences that he “was not trying to defy government orders” with his social media postings, which included a selfie of himself posing before protest posters in Hong Kong and flashing a peace sign.”

Did he not express support? Protesters claim Kenny G did voice support for Occupy, telling them ‘hope you guys win eventually’: Forget Kenny G: there are artists more sincere with their words A satire cartoon of Kenny G by Mr. and Ms. HK Protestors:


Lesson from S. Korea: Democracy helps Korean Wave sweep Asia, says actress


A poem dedicated to the umbrella movement by a Chinese dissident Wang Dan

See also “Umbrella Movement in Art” and “A cross-class movement


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