Umbrella Movement in art

[Updated on May 23, 2016]

[May 23, 2016] Lights out for controversial 2047 ‘Countdown Machine’ art installation on Hong Kong’s ICC building ; ICC building protest art suspended as Arts Council slams artists’ ‘disrespect’

Film “Ten Years” Dark vision of Hong Kong’s future proves surprise box office hit ; Global Times says it is absurd ; Ten Years wins ‘best film’ at 2016 HK Film Awards, as news of win is censored in China

其後:雨傘運動中的物件 Hereafter: Objects from the Umbrella Movement (26/9/2015 – 16/10/2015)

[Sep 28, 2015] Protest street art on display; [Sep 2] Occupy art exhibition struggles to find home in time for anniversary

[Sep 28] HK Journalists Association’s photojournalism exhibition disappears from urban centers 消失於鬧市的攝影展

[Sep 24] Italian artist donates Occupy paintings to university

[March 28, 2016] Humour out of chaos: How satire helps channel Hong Kong people’s frustrations


During the umbrella movement:

“Just as the protests have upended the notion that Hong Kong people don’t care about politics, the blast of public art is changing the image of a city better known for making money than for art and culture.” (Rescuing Protest Artwork From Hong Kong’s Streets

RTHK’s The Works: and

Channel 4 News The political art behind the umbrella revolution in Hong Kong

CNN, Art bursts from Hong Kong protests

A View of the Artistic Protests of the Umbrella Movement

Cartoonist of Mr. and Ms. HK People : profile

Words of the Umbrella Movement

Word art 街上的民字

Wordplay a new weapon in Hong Kong democracy battle

佔領區的靈性 落地的信仰

Giant projector: and

A cartoon timeline: Harry’s View on Occupy Central

Kickstarter Funds `HK Trilogy’ Film

Umbrella dance: Chapter 9.28; review

Urban design: Hong Kong Government Office Architect Reflects on ‘Occupy’ Movement

Rocco Yim… is the lead architect of Rocco Design Architects Ltd, the Hong Kong firm that originally designed the government complex, including the area that stretches from Tamar Park to a elevated walkway that links the Legislative Council with a nearby office building…

Mr. Yim said that the protests made him rethink his views on the space surrounding the government complex. “As I walked through the occupied zones towards Central, which felt so much less congested and cleaner, I thought: do we really need so many roads? Can we do something to persuade people to use their cars less, and pedestrianize this area — if not permanently, at least occasionally? If we could experiment with fewer roads – not just for protesters, but as a civic space – it could have a very positive effect.”

What this protest art means for the protest and the art scene: 一場學運兩種進路─香港藝術X社運的範式轉移

Knowing that the occupy movement will end some day, there is a rush to preserve this art:

Rescuing Protest Artwork From Hong Kong’s Streets

Will Hong Kong’s protest art be saved?

Victoria and Albert Museum

Hong Kong Artists concern protest art Community

Occupy art in Germany :  When Protest Becomes Art: The Contradictory Transformations of the Occupy Movement at Documenta 13 and Berlin Biennale 7

[Mar. 6]  Umbrellas part of Maritime Museum exhibition of HK history


Umbrella art exhibition at universities 聯校雨傘運動藝術展 以藝術呼籲大眾「勿忘初衷」

[June 25] A HK photographer won the French PX3 Gold award for umbrella pictures 記錄佔領一刻 港人奪法國攝影賽PX3金獎

Can the Umbrella generation build careers in art? 文化創作能做職業嗎?

HK has worked very hard to promote artistic creativity, the Umbrella Movement achieved it overnight: Hong Kong Moves to Refashion Itself as a Global Hub of Creativity

And preserving old HK in sketches: 事吉茶記 Sketcher-Kee

USIP Global Campus’ online course on nonviolence:  Civil Resistance and the Dynamics of Nonviolent Movements5.4.1 Arts and Resistance Overview

1385026_990565240970407_6849438874804186056_n     1002498_990001714360093_1101570099434902408_n 10603552_800201626709673_767550802348015451_n


  15486_784704428255542_5284136435638532370_n    1403100_784165584976093_5363922947431873101_o1397229_784165721642746_8013915517886324874_o

10408910_785892968136688_438118902710696823_n      10470804_789440957781889_1134937127605556836_o

IMG_0149 IMG_0148 IMG_0147 IMG_0146 IMG_0145  IMG_0142 IMG_0140 IMG_0138 IMG_0137 IMG_0136 IMG_0144

IMG_0111    10351911_1001820906511507_4687544255421363273_n

10670215_1499595346958842_5850306348863600870_n  10394101_10152754275976030_1692032919100849446_n-1 10384118_713924762022670_2244570222168953689_n      10710857_527893134014551_1040758619550160447_n 10301191_10154851777935647_8172055994475045469_n 1901442_10203592114737783_2131798085586979824_n 10698406_10152801492154802_6968420020200704739_n 63704_714666851948461_570048079113168669_n 10580088_999952166698381_1076137072772431229_n    10734263_10152926696407448_3365796727049240596_n   10370903_725002050919954_3938834346749180482_n    1374273_1007412199285711_3150775320625643106_n

10384296_789215261141643_7019924464008354967_n    281918_297099170500490_88810821015415180_n

10453084_10152985012897448_2727866801623235574_o  10658975_850622008294675_6043820122117571274_o


After occupy:

[Mar. 28, 2015] art fair at the Tim Mei tent city in Admiralty



Student drawings:

11068181_955680391143761_7391105119608572408_n 11150426_955679951143805_4413298462119093621_n 11150434_955680134477120_5863568708306330094_n11058557_955679917810475_5064501509312155315_n

Kasey Wong’s Art of protest:





See also Umbrella Movement in songs

Some unspecified images are taken from Facebook feeds, esp.


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