Umbrella movement or revolution — What’s in a name?

[Updated on Sep 29, 2015]

Umbrella Movement or Umbrella Revolution? The “Umbrella Revolution” is a name coined by international journalists. Hong Kong protestors quickly adopted it. They love the symbolism of “umbrella.”  While many people also follow the term “revolution,” the leaders prefer “movement.” They are worried that Beijing is allergic to color revolutions. Student leaders emphasize that “we are just fighting for genuine universal franchise, we are not seeking to overthrow the political order.” Radicals, in contrast, insist on calling this a revolution. I don’t understand the fuss about this. Both sides misunderstand the term revolution. Color revolutions on record are hardly revolutionary. They have taken place in semi-democracies. Thus, in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, what was at stake was electoral disputes rather than regime change.

Hong Kong’s students want you to stop calling their protest a ‘revolution’

Beijing calls this a foreign-instigated color revolution:【國家安全教育展 介紹佔中事件為一場顏色革命】

Benny Tai on why this is a movement:

Hong Kong University student magazine Undergrad talks of revolution — Publication criticised by CY runs article urging city to revolt or face ‘destruction’.

Some protestors believe that there is no need to avoid the term “revolution.”

10906399_906995269313505_812987034533912783_n 1656308_633106033468321_4329046042880070856_n     1499509_803202723059441_1877421185729888183_n

What Chris Patten calls “rowdies” insist on calling this movement the Umbrella Revolution and attack student leaders for calling this the Umbrella Movement. I actually don’t understand the fuss about this controversy — or why they want to call this a revolution while China is nervous about this movement being a color revolution. Color revolutions are hardly revolutionary because they have uniformly taken place in semi-democracies. In Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, what was at stake was electoral disputes. As for the so-called “velvet revolution” in Eastern Europe in 1989, the more appropriate term is “refolution” combining both top-down reforms and bottom-up revolutions. See Goodwin’s No Other Way Out.

Mao’s famous characterization:

“A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery . . . . A revolution is an act of insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.”





This is probably the best characterization: “Almost a revolution


There is always Wikipedia:

On umbrella

Video : The clips show how the simple act of people throwing their umbrellas to strangers triggered a chain reaction: with umbrellas used to protect against the rain and the sun, to spread messages and to become instruments for defense against teargas and attack against blockades.

How to say “umbrella” in Cantonese?

According to Victor Mair:  “Linguistically, the most salient fact about the Umbrella Revolution is that Cantonese has its own word ze1 遮 (“umbrella”), and so doesn’t need to use the standard Mandarin item. Ze1遮 also functions as a verb that means “to obstruct, shut out; to shelter; to hide; cover up” (Sidney Lau 1977: 385). Of course, this works well to express the most crucial function of the umbrella at the present time in Hong Kong. But the sheer fact that the Cantonese have their own completely separate word for “umbrella” sends a powerful message …”

What 遮打革命 means: Here’s why the name of Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Movement” is so subversive; and  Lost in Translation? “Umbrella Movement” is More Subversive in Cantonese

Tongue-Tied in Hong Kong

Is Cantonese a Dialect or a Language?

By the way, Cantonese almost became the official language


Pro-establishment politician says that umbrellas are weapons: This line is mocked by protestors:          10606238_629991823779742_388819591079776836_n     IMG_0054

首現大型燈膽雨傘 高照吐露港



Images of umbrellas at occupy sites:

1002498_990001714360093_1101570099434902408_n      1385026_990565240970407_6849438874804186056_n


screenshot         images

10653408_1496563207262056_2287123172139242396_n        images-5    10646988_10153243454668998_2191428191417422571_n         FullSizeRender    

images-6           Unknown-110514546_633792660066325_9046117086509951380_n       Unknown-5Unknown        Unknown-6

10702013_642476502532283_8486693801185410526_n    10568928_643999702379963_8846502271298654421_n

10750164_731744436902911_4892687944567564985_o    1537445_10152915535372448_1859689625980827277_o1798464_664611660318767_9012479267878444964_n         1601410_642770362502897_6169075526340699722_n

10428102_713137838777878_6873427545983526038_n  1965472_643280819118518_1363082362944878546_o10393918_1017098154983782_5430061228678715072_n   10806364_858024284229979_7262253342802714779_n  10538603_1007983182561946_1866641247688396477_n

 images-8  7791775_orig

10703933_487851458023367_3535877529028770103_n      1390637_486794414795738_4783100658181739396_n1513811_487332011408645_2855568811383946415_n


10704_1004400289586902_1665793073622017766_n  10704388_1005533819473549_6228477245030247040_o 10694256_1005533802806884_4200759516086600281_o1795959_1005533796140218_4156634764720228388_o     10734263_10152926696407448_3365796727049240596_n

IMG_0123       IMG_012110410178_643311402448793_4593081019040616572_n          1010123_10152908404807448_8188032909452292319_n       10440950_10152504919491588_1430381161121963105_n     10690350_643452845767982_1235718294884225148_n

10418956_10152955613687448_4922534345152769295_n    10801835_10153354932149148_5759122376604915923_n

10685454_727534080661738_2211118098447354492_n     10451698_10152846551955281_3062076434301780653_n 10313680_10153410275180016_6267051196755314698_n      1621909_643311915782075_6770665487597570174_n

10731029_10152583549340857_2929249444662685632_n      10730991_10152583499940857_1591393351186570036_n10407896_1003051823055082_8121094853733449877_n      IMG_0243             IMG_0101    IMG_0082

10577017_851394341559640_2375173188777225945_n      10698406_10152801492154802_6968420020200704739_n  1528748_718516554896824_1306801271512305838_n                  1383346_718494041565742_1552630817833708781_n         1471882_1004683922891872_5633543906188253577_n   10606285_1003516053008659_6332446530748271613_n   1903979_523556431114888_5164207308678411720_n-1   10733413_1505378753054261_1691867661_n      1780861_10152897146482448_3965794473343852167_n    IMG_0259

20141014-15505509152_e9a28fbdf6_z  untitled3 untitled2     untitled1 untitled     IMG_0940     10703521_10152879582367448_3626265065857212687_n     10712753_1005941316099466_998027651562858963_n

10420757_1004130626280535_1359939875897967163_n10704147_522573964546468_7866714246862473518_n    IMG_0006 1969357_10153288327444148_2529774721473985057_n

And even video games: and Attack! Take cover! Umbrella Revolution inspires new online game / 雨傘革命主題遊戲免費有得玩

But can’t print umbrella t-shirts in mainland china any more:


11039301_330652617144624_7978443277486914469_n [source]


Many unspecified images are taken from Facebook feeds, esp.


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