Background: constitutional and legal issues

Useful sources:

Michael Davis on Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement and Beijing’s Failure to Honor the Basic Law

HKU Law’s Cora Chan discusses recent developments in Hong Kong, the impetus for the current protests in Hong Kong, the constitutional relationship between Hong Kong and China, and the prospect for democratic reform in the region.

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law on the Sino-British Joint Declaration, the Basic Law, and Beijing’s decision on the electoral arrangements for the Chief Executive in 2017

Human Rights in HK on the 30th Anniversary of the Sino-British Joint Declaration

The law faculty of the University of Hong Kong have a blog on legal issues.

The International Law Case for Democracy in Hong Kong

Beijing’s broken promise on Hong Kong democracy shattered our trust

Hong Kong constitutional affairs minister lambasted for saying that China alone pledged to keep city’s way of life intact

Does China Think the Sino-British Joint Declaration Is Void? Recent statements suggest China pays little heed to the document governing Hong Kong’s handover.

Here’s why ‘pocket it first’ is unconstitutional

Government changes Basic Law facts.

House of Commons report: The UK’s relations with Hong Kong: 30 years after the Joint Declaration

See also Michael Davis on HK and general timeline and background.


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